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We have a debit card

Take advantage of our exclusive Mastercard Debit Card offer. Get yours now!

  • Multi-Currency Account (Gel / USD / EUR)
  • International network - 150 currencies in 210 countries
  • 36 mln merchants and 3.3 mln ATMs
  • Confidential, safe and secure debit card

We have e-wallet

Experience the future of finance by exploring and using our e-wallet. Get started now!

  • Offers more comfort to each customer
  • Easy, fast, convenient, safe and secure
  • Provides access to various cards
  • Helps to manage daily finances

We offer to add a loan

Unlock additional loan opportunities online through our extensive partner network.

  • Secure added funds through our partner loans with a single click
  • Unlock substantial borrowing potential through partners with raised loan ceilings
  • Easily secure additional loans online, no complex steps
  • Easily manage multiple loans with one mobile app

User-friendly Wallet

Unlock potential: Transfer funds instantly to trusted partner platforms.

  • Transfer funds smoothly from your e-wallet to partner platforms
  • Your funds reach reputable platforms securely
  • Move funds seamlessly for diversified investments
  • Monitor transfer history, maintaining transparent records

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Confidentiality & Security

Experience worry-free, confidential payments with our e-wallet app. Your security is our top priority, with robust encryption and cutting-edge safeguards in place to protect your personal and financial information. Trust us for a secure payment experience.

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