WALLYPAY has already launched on Georgian market

Simplicity in daily finance management - for this purpose, the international fintech company WallyPay has started operating in Georgia, which offers Georgian customers a more independent, flexible and simple financial management platform. It even helps companies to make remote customer relationships closer and more comfortable.

WallyPay is a platform that integrates an e-wallet mobile application and an international payment card - which can be used in 210 countries around the world with the support of Mastercard. The international payment card, which the company acquired from Mastercard last year, is already being processed in a real environment and has become available to a specific segment of consumers. Soon anyone interested in Georgia will be able to order and receive WallyCard. Receiving international money transfers, accapting additional loan from our partner microfinance organizations, utility payments and many other features that WallyPay mobile app additionally offers to our customer - will take care of your daily financial needs and help you to save your time.

After almost 2 years of following the process, Wally International Payment Card has become fully available for specific segment of Georgian consumers. The card can be used wherever the MasterCard payment system operates throughout the world. The first users of the WALLYPAY payment system will be the users of the microfinance company Eurocredit, who will use both the card and the mobile wallet application in the real environment. From the Autumn 2020 WallyCard will be accessable to any Georgian citizen and not only.

If you want to take advantage of special conditions and get among the first 1000 customers, fill out the application form and additional information will be provided by our operator.