International Money Transfers with WallyPay

Money management internationally has never been so easy. WallyPay's simple and affordable money transfer system provides instant international money transfers and cash withdrawal ability by WallyPay MasterCard and Cash-out points in Georgia. WallyPay provides secured transactions from European countries in Georgia, into any Georgian Bank account or Mobile e-wallet APP with the most favorable terms. The WallyPay card with its mobile app is the best way not only for receiving international money transfers but also for day-to-day financial management.

By using WallyPay mobile app our customers are able to:

  • Receive international money transfers;
  • Pay utility bills;
  • Instantly get a pre-approved loan 24/7 from our partners;
  • Using an online money transfer account without opening a bank account.

What are the advantages of WallyPay?

  • Online channels and offline points for receiving money in Georgia
  • Lowest interest rate on remittances;
  • Lowest cash withdrawal fee;
  • Money transfers in USD, Euro, and GEL;
  • Easy-to-access locations for pick-up in Georgia
  • The amount appears in the account/card instantly

Because of its convenience and affordability, partnership with Wallypay is favorable for the financial companies that are interested in offering customers a diverse system of international remittances.

We partner with companies all around the world and offer them ready system for delivering remittances in Georgia. Money receivers from Georgian side are comforted with easy access cash pick-up locations all around the country and more importantly receiving online within minutes – without visiting any branch.

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