ditional Loan Approval Remotely to the WALLYPAY MasterCard

WallyPay and Eurocredit offered a new product to the Georgian market - remote loan extension service on WallyPay MasterCard.

Eurocredit customers with a positive credit history have become the first users of the WallyPay universal multicurrency MasterCard, which can be used to receive and manage additional loan funds, as well as for payments at any POS-terminal, online shopping and cash withdrawals. Card owners also use the WallyPay e-wallet app, which allows them to transfer, receive, request, convert currency and make utility payments. Most importantly, all this is possible without opening a bank account.

You can get a card and get an additional loan both when applying for a loan at Eurocredit branches, as well as remotely through the call center. Eurocredit offers special conditions to customers in case of receiving money by card. With WallyPay technical support, the customer has the opportunity to request an additional amount without visiting the branch and without additional procedures, and will receive the card on the spot with an already approved limit.

For more information contact us on the hotline: 0322 560 555