International Money Transfer


WallyPay App is the most modern & convenient way of completing international money transactions in a metter of seconds.

Our E-wallet platform is the most, secured and sopphisticated app on the market, for International Transactions. It will be Possible, to Manage all of Your International Transactions via WallyPay App for 24/7, Very Soon!

International Transactions will be available in GE, USD and EUR currencies very soon. 



How Does It Work

After receiving International Money Transfers on your WallyPay E-wallet, you will need Wally-Card to start using received money amount. As soon as the money is depositied on you account, you can start using Wally-Card to any shopping centers, make online purchases, or cash it out at any ATM stations. 

In case you have received international transaction in a forighn currency, WallyPay App if fully equipped with in-app currency exchange system. You can start using money instantly after the currency exchange is complete.