WALLYPAY system security rules

General provisions

Wallypay and its staff take no responsibility over the outcome, covering, whether directly or indirectly, particular, accidental, cause and effect, noncontractual loss, triggered in the aftermath of incorrect/unreasonable utilization of the information, uploaded on the website.

Wallypay takes no responsibility for any website-induced loss, damage, even technical obstruction, defect, suspension/cancel, computer service, or system bad maintenance.

The information referred on the website is designed for personal use of the consumer only. Unauthorized use for the website and system (referring non-existent code and name) is strictly prohibited.

Where registration and password is required, you are obliged to keep it confidential and not allow the third parties to access to the website or application instead of you.

Do not allow the other person to log in your account and/or to keep an eye on you, while registering and using the password of the system (when logging in your account).

If you have any doubt or hint of stealing your data for logging in Wallypay (password and/or other security signs) along with unapproved utilization or otherwise exposed, you are obliged to promptly change your password and contact Wallypay immediately.

If you doubt that any of the people, other than you have access to your Wallypay accounts without your authorization, you should promptly notify the Wallypay and limit access to the account.

It is utterly important for us to be immediately notified upon the fact, provided above; otherwise, Wallypay takes no responsibility for the outcome.

Don`t opt a password of a specific meaning; or do not select the password, which is easily detectible for any other persons, based on the information procured upon you.

Proceeding from your safety, keep your Wallypay account password safe and never release it to anyone. Never write or otherwise keep the password available to any other persons.

We recommend you to change a password once in three months.

Wallypay may deactivate registration and the password and accordingly, limit access to the system if you breach the rules and conditions.

Trouble of any program modules (telephone, computer, etc.) for accessing the system is a sole risk of yours.

If you utilize public and/or common technical device (computer, telephone) to log in Wallypay system, make sure that data applied for accessing the Wallypay system wouldn`t be saved/cached by the browser and/or otherwise memorized in the system.

If only you apply the technical device for accessing the Wallypay system, make sure that access to Wallypay account is authorized and available only for you.

If you receive a message or discover the website or application, you cast a doubt to authenticity, promptly contact the Wally. Utilizing the dubious web-site/application or responding to the doubtful notice is not allowed. Wallypay takes no responsibility over the loss inflicted by nonfulfillment of the condition provided above.

Besides, you should take any reasonable measures to ensure protection of your E-mail account and availability, since the E-mail addresses are sometimes used for changing the password or infringing the safety of your account.

In any cases when your E-mail, registered on Wallypay, was exposed to a risk, you should promptly notify the Wallypay and your E-mail service provider as well.

Wallypay takes no responsibility over the outcome arisen in the aftermath of failure to access the website due to malfunction or any reasons beyond Wallypay.

Security code

Security code forms a supplementary protection mechanism, being dispatched to you as a notice, to your telephone number verified in your account of Wallypay system. Said protection mechanism is designed for the transactions, like logging in the system and payment transactions.

Safety code is activated via the verified telephone number you referred to when registering in Wallypay system.

When entering the security code, you make sure that the code is actually typed in Wallypay online or Wallypay application.

Telephone code - is generated in the system when logging in the E-wallet account, required for obtaining the financial transaction. You should dictate the operator the code to receive a response.

WallyPay account utilization

If the representative of the Wallypay consumer contacts the operator in Wallypay system (and not the consumer himself), the operator requests approval of the actual account holder to release information and/or communicates with the representative.

Wallypay takes no responsibility over the balance filling procedures until the amounts are actually appeared on your Wallypay account.

When applying the Wallypay account or performing any of the transactions, you may be asked the safety-related issues or requested taking actions, we will find appropriate within our reasonableness.

When utilizing the Wallypay account, any transaction (including filling the balance, amount transfer/withdrawal) may be subject to monetary limit in terms of security and legal requirements.

You agree on not to apply chargeback right if you fill the Wallypay balance via credit card and/or debit card and/or automated payments, which enables chargeback the wired amount, except for the cases when the payment instrument was applied by an unauthorized person or Wallypay infringed the service conditions. We preserve the right to impose any amount related to chargeback along with the commission accrued on us related to chargeback.

If exercising the right related to chargeback will cause negative balance on your account, you are obliged to cover the respective negative balance; otherwise, failure to fulfill the given condition will be considered as the breach of terms by your side.

When transferring the amount, you shall enter the recipient data carefully and accurately since you wouldn`t be able to cancel the transaction already appeared on recipient`s account.

When transferring amounts to the bank account, you make sure that amount, account number, IBAN, surname, name, and ID card number are correctly referred.

Receiving amount to your account doesn`t imply the impossibility to cancel the transaction. Wallypay preserves the right to cancel the transaction if the payer, payer`s bank, or payment service provider made chargeback or canceled the transaction.

You are strictly prohibited to apply the Wallypay account for any illegal purposes.

Wallypay shall notify respective law enforcement authorities upon any doubtful actions.

You are not allowed to issue/transfer and/or appropriate unapproved amounts when a problem occurs in the aftermath of a technical error of Wallypay system.

Effort to withdraw the amount from the account other than yours shall be considered as a fraudulent action.

Wallypay takes no responsibility over the transaction performed as a result of referring inaccurate details.

You are obliged to regularly check the history of your Wallypay account and promptly contact the Wallypay in case of any questions and/or problems.