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We take your financial company to the next level

Wally Pay is designed to develop the way you operate, communicate and manage a relationship with your customer.

Our high-tech e-wallet and international payment card system solution is being created for filling the gap between financial company’s offered service and modern customer’s financial needs.

Concept of modern tech-user customer of financial services has been our inspiration during working process.

We designed WallyPay as the platform which transforms financial organisation into modern tech-based service provider and at the same time gives customers variety of financial product offers right in their smartphone.

WallyPay enables financial organizations to offer their customers innovative financial products through the WallyPay platform, transforming relationships with their customers into more modern and practical way- by offering them their own Mastercard International Payment Card and e-Wallet.

Additional Demand Channel

Our app is the new opportunity for your company to receive demand on your financial products.

Additional communication channel

Share information about your new offers directly to you existing and potential customers.

More Loyal Customers

Our tech product provides the solution to keep your customers closer.

Do you think we can help your company?