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Wallet & Card

WallyPay offers customers an electronic wallet and an international MasterCard payment card, which will be the complete and comfortable alternative to the payment systems currently available on the market.

E-Wallet mobile and web app as a platform for receiving and managing money online, includes services from everyday needs:
Card management, monitoring and managing your wallet balance, personal financial management tools (statistics and analysis), different type transactions, additional fund receiving channels, international money transfers online, utility payments, etc…

Intetnational Payment Card
  •    Use the card in more than 200 countries
  •    POS terminal purchases are available where Mastercard is
  •    Cash-out withdrawals in friendly or non friendly ATMs
  •    Easy to use App connected with your card for money management

Way to Control your Finances

  •    Preload your spending money on the Card to make budgeting easy
  •    Get balance updates after each purchase
  •    Monitor your spending statistics to stay on track
  •    See all the transaction history of your Wallet